Prepper Meetup

Dear Survival Blonde,
How can I meet other preppers in my area?

Fellow Survivor,

  1. Go to and join. It’s free and takes about 3 minutes.
  2. Once you join, they’ll ask you to pick a few groups that interest you.

  3. Go on and search ‘preparedness’ and adjust the radius (I had to go to 100 miles) until you find groups in your area. If a group or activity sparks your interest, join and see how that goes.

Tips for meetups:

  • When going to an activity with a group you don’t know – think safety first. Check out where the meeting is, go with a friend, and make sure you feel comfortable there.
  • Check the groups for any friends in common. Do a little research – if a friend has joined, ask them what they like about the group.

This is a great resource if you need buddies when SHTF!

Go make some doomsday friends!