The Ham Radio License

Dear Survival Blonde,

How do I get a license to operate a ham radio?

Fellow Survivor,

Ham radios are a great tool and getting a license to operate one is rather simple, if not especially easy for non-technical folks. Follow these two steps:

  1. Study up. Book-wise, we recommend Technicians Class by Gordon West or The Ham Radio Manual License. Both available at local libraries and for purchase on Amazon. Or…. There’s always an app right? Ham Radio Exam-Tech is great and works like flashcards. It’s is a free iPad/iPhone app.

  2. Find an Exam Session on the ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League) and sign up for the test. The fee is about $15 and there are 35 questions on the test. You must get at least 26 of them right. But study! The pool of questions has about 394 in there.

If you need more support, join a Local Radio Club. You can meet great people here. Tons of valuable help!

CLEAR (= done transmitting in Ham Radio lingo)

Survival for Blondes