Prep for Pets

Dear Survival Blonde,

What about the pets when the SHTF?

Fellow Survivor,

With a little work, your beloved pets will be as prepared as you are.

For In-Home Emergency Situations

  • An extra bag of food (or two)
  • Doggie poop bags

Home Evacuation

 If you have to leave, your pets need Go Bags just like you do. Here are the essentials and helpful links:

  • Collapsible bowls
  • Food (a few baggies with portioned food – think 3 days)
  • Water bottle
  • Leash with doggie poop bags
  • Quilted vest
  • Pet boots
  • Medications (keep in mind expiration dates here – if your pet has a medical condition, you’ll want to revisit your kit yearly).
  • First Aid Supplies
  • Vaccination paperwork (if you need to go to a shelter, you’ll want these)
  • Carrier for small animals
  • Tie-out stake and rope (and/or paracord – so versatile!)

Tips for Pet Go Bags:

  • Make them light. Your pet should be able to carry them. Here’s a good read. It can help you find a good saddle bag for your pup.
  • If this seems overwhelming, consider a ready-made kit like this one for dogs (this will be good for 2 dogs), or this one for cats.

This is a fun and easy Go Bag to pack!

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