Face Masks

Dear Survival Blonde,

We made ourselves crazy doing research on face masks. So much information. So many products. So little understanding. Can you give us a tutorial on facemasks?

Masked Madman

Fellow Survivor:

We can’t give you a definitive tutorial on facemasks (yet). But we can tell you what we’ve learned so far. And what we ended up buying for ourselves. The bottom line:

One type of face mask will protect others from your germs. Another will protect you from dust, pollution, disease. You need to put the masks on properly.

  1. We ordered a box of these surgical masks. These will protect other people from YOUR germs. They will NOT protect you from airborne bacteria, viruses or fine particles. We wear these if we are sick. And ask others to wear them if they are sick.
  2. To protect yourself you will need a surgical respirator & mask.
  3. Buy what you can afford. We used “subscribe & save” until we had enough for home, office, vehicle, bug-out location, bug-out bag, EDC, and get home bag.

Baby steps!!