Types of Fire Extinguisher

Dear Survival Blonde:
I know where to put fire extinguisher but, do I need different types for different places?

Fellow Survivor:
In order to choose the right fire extinguisher, you must take into account the type of fire you
are trying to put out. Using the wrong type of extinguisher can make a fire worse. So, first, assess the location and cause of the fire you will be dealing with: Think A, B, C:

  1. Class A: Non-metal solid combustibles (i.e. wood, paper, cloth, plastics, rubber, etc.)
  2. Class B: Flammable liquids (i.e. gasoline, oil, grease, paints, etc.)
  3. Class C: Electrical equipment (i.e. appliances, outlets, etc.)

There are 4 types of Fire Extinguishers and you should use them for the following fires:

  • Air-Pressurized Water Extinguishers (APWs) – Class A ONLY

  • Foam Extinguishers (no fun abbreviation here!) – Class A & B

  • Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers (CO2s) – Class B & C

  • Dry Chemical Extinguishers (DCs) – Class ABC or BC


  • Purchase a Dry Chemical Extinguisher designated for Class ABC and you can cover all of your bases. Try this one.
  •  If you have small children – consider purchasing and having these handy. They are easy for a small child to operate.
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